Split: Folk Punk is Dead

by Blue Lane Frontier

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Tape Release: Casket Collective #005

Recorded, and mixed by Austin Minney at All Aces Studio in Denver, Colorado. JSR side mastered by Chris Grassello, BLF side mastered by Austin Minney. Artwork by Emily Montelongo.

Thanks to our moms, our dads, anybody who has listened to our music, The Forge (RIP), Aaron Saye, and of course, the one and only Seventh Circle Music Collective.

Thanks so much to Jack's Smirking Revenge for making amazing music and being general homies. We'd also like to thank Foxtrot, Wild Trees, Robyn Edmiston, Kevin Schlereth, Fallon Braddy, Erik Carson, The Beeves, Sharone and the Wind, No Good Days, The Short Bus Rejects, Flower Crown Me a Queen, and all other local musicians who have supported us and been there for us. There are too many to list, but we love you all <3.


released November 11, 2016

On this split...

Blue Lane Frontier is:
Jake Quinter - Guitar/vocals
Jackson Watkins - Guitar/vocals
Emily Vavra - Keys/vocals
Emily Montelongo - Drums
Stephen Williams - Bass

Jack's Smirking Revenge is:
Alex Pelissero - Guitars/lead vocals
Andrew Cohn - Bass/backup vocals
Austin Minney - Guitar/backup vocals
Marc Canfield - Drums




Blue Lane Frontier Fort Collins, Colorado

, but before they could crawl up through the small opening in the thunderclouds, they would need to find quite a tall ladder, and someone to hold it.

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Track Name: N-N-N-Nasty Jazz
And I took, and I took off the t(r)ail
And I looked, and I looked awfully pale
And I saw, and I saw dirty keys
So I thought, so I thought help me please

It's so overdone, you ruined the fun

So she wrote, so she wrote down her songs
And he told, yeah he told her "it's all wrong"

It's so overdone, you ruined the fun
Track Name: Coppertone Cadence
won’t you take me away
to a place where I can lay
in the sun for a whole day
until my skin peels away

at this point I’ll begin to regret
my ignorance of the damaging rays
maybe next time I’ll remember
to bring my sunblock and a hat

until then the burn will serve
as a painful reminder of
the detrimental nature of

won’t you take me away
to a place beside the bay
stand ashore for the whole day
until the sky washes over with gray

clouds will build and begin to break
soak our clothes until we start to shake
take my hand please hold it tight
we’ll just grow colder through the night

in the morning when the tides are low
we both know it’s time for you to go
make your way while the winds still blow
just know that I’ll miss you
Track Name: Katana
I may never understand but I'm a willing learner so show me one more time the way to be

That samurai sword hidden in your room was the very first thing to ever make me swoon we had keep it a secret it was dangerous object
But we got brave and took it to the park to show off our new warrior hearts and all the others ran to hide but we were close behind

We yelled we are fans of anime we hope to leave a legacy of open wounds that bleed moon light and shining stars that line our eyes

Mitchell knew that we ran pretty fast and that samurai sword was pointed at his back and so he scurried up a tree I don't know what came over me
We climbed up after and we pulled him down and with the weapon pinned him to the ground we asked him for his last words we started to cry as we heard

He said I'm a fan of anime I hope to leave a legacy of open wounds that bleed moonlight and shining stars that line our eyes
And I will sink into the earth battle scars filled up with dirt and one day I'll learn to speak Japanese
Track Name: Jack's Smirking Revenge - Queen Pity of the Plains
These leeches they come
fleeing their dying cities
more Gastby than Tom Joad
as they gaze upon us with pity
"how can you live like this?
we must tear down, rebuild again and again"
whatever's left won't be the same
don't you dare call me friend

they heard of a land of green and gold
as the bubble continues to grow
I can't help but tremble on my drive home

but what do I know?
just another fucking hip complainer
more sneers than solutions
bitter from being unconscious colonizer
"how can they do this?
glass potemkin city built again and again"
and where will these parasites be
when there's nothing left for them?

they heard of a land of green and gold
as the bubble continues to grow
I can't help but tremble on my drive home