No Big Fuss

by Blue Lane Frontier

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Jake Quinter - Guitar
Jackson Watkins - Guitar
Emily Vavra- Keys
Matt McHugh - Bass
Daniel Christensen - Drums

We all sing!


released May 23, 2016

Recorded and mastered by Austin Minney at All Aces Studio in Denver, Colorado. Artwork by Matt McHugh. Digital design by Emily Vavra.




Blue Lane Frontier Fort Collins, Colorado

, but before they could crawl up through the small opening in the thunderclouds, they would need to find quite a tall ladder, and someone to hold it.

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Track Name: Squirrels
Replicated negligence has dropped it's claws on us so take up jujitsu and wing chun to keep the walls apart
After dark the spokes are twisted and tangled in legs and arms but diffusion of responsibility leaves turnips all alone
So on your feet kid work your way into the purple bones make yesteryear and tomorrow town believe in the sleepy dust

Now opossum hands link up with cat claws revel in your wit and know the algorithmic seductive bliss is tailing close behind
Gather all your necessities and make note of what you find log it fast and deadly for fear of snapping branch
Now in your seats gang load the wagon with a merry band of brigadier misanthropists this engine never quits

Look and me I think I'll be a pull taught gardener trip into sky from the great bellow
Syncopated seeds off a dead drop pine cone sink into ground and then bring the snow

A passerby passed by the past and passed up lifelong youth
And long ago the rhetoric was separated from truth

Bright and smoky woods take me from this earth
Don't let aftermath determine our worth
Track Name: Cats Do
This place reeks of perfume the kind a household wears when it hopes to be heard over all the silly kids that croon ooo la la as they gaze up at the night gown thinking damn I wish I were there damn I wish I were there

Now it's no big fuss for anybody with quick hands when a pet gets loose because felines are clumsy though they are ever so subtle and damn they make a mean stew damn they make a mean stew with you I'll make a mean stew
Track Name: Jake's Smirking Revenge
Obsessively incentivize a scientist through his microscope to spread out your brain on a fresh set of culture plates

And neurons don’t replicate but through your thoughtless stupor you’ll reach out your arms and claim that you’ve tried your best

And in the immeasurable space between the cold tile floor and your now empty head lie results of thinking outside the box

They’ll tape up a notecard fortress and fix it to the ground
The walls filled with standard protocol thought process and gown
So flip the top, hurdle out and burn that fucker down

Now the world’s ambiguity has you transfixed to an amoral idea of what your words seem to say

Write your right to sell your shit on sale on woven wood, would you light the light object objectively assuming you could

What a bundle of nonsense this world seems to be, oh if only I valued the virtue of clarity

And they’ll build up a whiteboard tent around you now
With messages of hate and doubt, scribbled around
So sneakily slide out and kick that fucker down

There’s a trashcan, a dustpan and a broom
Conveniently located, in the corner of their lecture room
To pick up any creativity spilling from your wounds
From the normalized, systematized bullet they’ve shot at you
So find a seat in the back and sit down
And when they turn their heads that’s your chance to get out
And with a wrecking ball of thought you’ll tear that fucker down
Track Name: Skylines and Rhyme Schemes
Insofar as we’re awake
A streak of silences from the forest where the factory used to be will keep it safe
While every cog inside the rotor takes its daily dose of greasing, up its stake
And the riches from the risk will keep the iron closely pressed against the frame
So all the wicked imperfections finally realize where they belong in our space

And we'll let the skylines drop

So head off the beaten path
The only creatures that will harm you are the ones that can do all the simple math
It takes to calculate the odds of your arrival at their ever-growing stash
Of broken wings and things they're selling for the purpose of guarding their dying craft
Cause after all the trinket market is the only thing they ever really had

And we'll let the skylines drop

So we’ll take our coffee black
To show the men inside the jackets that we’re winning meaningless battles with that
Which opposes every single idea of community that we had
Further proving that the smallest minute details have no place in your judgments
And that the little things that grow big rivers between us are nothing but a fad

And we’ll watch the skylines drop
Track Name: North Twin Waltz
Alders take root in the pastures so vast
It’s hard to believe something so strong won’t last ‘til the end
But then none of us do

Row after row planting seeds that will grow
into thoughts and ideas and flowers that blanket the earth
So soft underfoot

Meadow mist on your toes, dance through the Indian summers
Twin lakes and cities may be split by rivers
but we can still swim through the current so strong

I know that I’ll be okay if you’re along

Lock the door tight, dim the light, it’s alright
The bears surely won’t find us in here
Under worn flowered sheets

Puzzle piece underneath buried into the soft shore
Wading deeper and deeper I lose my sure footing
Rush back to your weathered chair, bury my face in your hair
Chestnut curls keep me warm

As you rock me to sleep northerns paint the sky deeper hues than I could ever imagine

Wrapped up so tight in your arms is the only place I’ve ever really felt safe
I am afraid of the day I’ll no longer be able to run back to you

Because you are the life and the blood and the reason I am

Because you are the life and the blood and the reason
Track Name: Robert Fulton's Monster
The Erie Canal contained Robert Fulton’s monster
And a few crates of goods, from 1820’s Boston
And in her stomach the rumbling sound of increasing pressure
Scared the hell out of a well-dressed, yet mediocre captain
Who felt the dawning of a sudden realization cue
The commodities in the under carriage were worth far less than a rescue
And in an attempt to delay the inevitable end
That captain jumped ship, and swam til his last breath

And he flowed
With the current
And it took him
To Rhode Island

The city of Providence holds a lovely university
And a few thousand kids from a modern Ivy century
And in its cortex the rumbling sound of increasing knowledge
Shakes the grounds of the small private college
That feels the dawning, of a sudden realization cue
The price of admission is worth a lot more than the value
And in an attempt to make and do mend
They write it all off as a means to an end

And he flowed
With the current
And it took him
To Providence

The city of Providence holds a lovely university
The city of Providence has an excellent bar scene
The city of Providence has some nice places to eat
And a victim of Robert Fulton’s monster
Under their feet
Track Name: January
Two steps from the floor in the morning ripe from winter and wet with oak foxholes checkerboard whittled green belts winding through an indecisive bloom
Two doors past the loneliest pages tall ears poke above friendly reeds and the stones sink past the dogs shouting at the neighbors
I know my name I know my home I hate to think we're all alone but I feel the wind and have decided other species have all the fun

The pines that hold are feet growing tall so wrap the branches tight to dampen our fall
The pines that hold our feet are growing tall and broad

The moose are prone to forgetfulness
The moose are prone to forgetfulness
Track Name: Much Thanks
I still have ten fingers and all my toes would it be alright if I brought them to you with the aquarium from my home that's filled with bathtub lemonade and ill thought through complications

There is no scrap cloth for me to hold in my jaw while the water heats up and moves the stair well far from the old spark sockets for the orange lights that color the talking walls bright

In your silence is the best of me and I take no more than all I can from sympathy so no more please not another word on the poets of old my body is week
I've surely fallen ill from all the humming in the door stops so father oh father and dear sister please sister I know you

In your silence is the best of me and I take no more than all I can from sympathy
You damn well best believe me who are you
Track Name: Billy Bones
A myriad of show tunes running astray have a barrel waiting in the bay to settle in and make your home settle in and make your home
Glassy eyes bring lines bring along anything you like shoulders and hands that seemed they would ever look so old {gather up your knees and look to the good Billy Bones}

A gathering of rundowns sheltering leaves none of which are lonely as it seems so settle in and make your home settle in and make your home
Whisper feet bring teeth spread them all across the floor shoulders and hands that seemed they would never look so old {gather up your knees and look to the good Billy Bones}
Track Name: Microbiartistry
On Parker Road and Lincoln sat an old art gallery
Where the hung up art, as it often does, held intricate critiques
Of irrational thought, social issues, and political policy
Where at the center of the room one picture seemed to sing to me
Painted thickly in a lab coat sat a bearded scientist
Pouring deadly chemicals into an Erlenmeyer flask
Which at the bottom held a blue green orb we’ve rightfully named earth
And it bled from the pores where the chemicals had been caught in its girth

So scream to me oh artist
How you don’t value the worth
Of a craft you’ve tried to dismantle
Instead of try to learn

Woahhhhhhhhh you could be wrong
Woahhhhhhhhh we could be wrong

At the same time sat a man of science cooked up in his home
Who just like the starving artist had resentments of his own
Burning openings in a canvas with his poison cigarette
Straight through the bodies of his drawings of the German Silhouettes
Which once he had felt pulled towards out on the plaza street
So forcefully attracted that he’d sketch them while he’d eat
But now he’s lost his draw to beauty to the data he has earned
Through the loss of cells that can’t be seen in a hemocytometer

So scream to me oh scientist
How you don’t value the worth
Of a craft you once held dearly
That you’ve now tried to unlearn

Woahhhhhhhhh you could be wrong
Woahhhhhhhhh I could be wrong

Some things work together (x3)
And I feel like all this separation is a waste of potential
Track Name: (W)Holesquad
I don't know anything I know everything so if you be so kind as to let me know I'd let you know me in between rug I used to keep to wipe my feet and borderlines of Mississippi Alabama Tennessee
I'd love to have your babies I'd love for them to kick my ass curb stop with tiny fuzzy slippers They'll paint pictures of bunny rabbits in the woods shooting dice the highest stakes of

Circle time and matricide ice cream kids all come alive it's another attempt to recover

Take me somewhere new to me at least if not to you and show me around take me to the city Then please tie my shoes double knotted together so I trip into the streets of Albuquerque Philadelphia Kansas City
I'd love to meet a tiger I'd love for it to eat my face chow down with big sharp fuzzy claws It would be grand it would tell it's tiger friends how I tasted so savory


Take me home where I sit on all my days and shout at the appliances I hope you're happy with your intentional miscalculations these waffles are burnt

Track Name: Lucille
My Neighbor to the south used to have the most beautiful voice
A wonderful gathering of hymns, spilling through her doorways
They pierced cold hearts, and flowed through aging veins
Persisting through years and years of unwarranted noise complaints

Til one day my lovely friend found that she’d gone tone deaf
Oh what a tragic consequence of an array of dying organs
She’d keep me up through the early morning her songs so out of key that it hurt
Maybe it was my drowsiness or maybe it was my loneliness but it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard annnd
My neighbors would shame her from the comfort of their rooftops
Never knowing what it’s like to love something so much you’d rather die than give it up
Never knowing what it’s like to have that one thing taken away so quick
Never knowing what it's like to be so comfortable inside of your own skin

And although I’ve long since moved away Lucille you still line my thoughts
I hope that you’re still buggin those assholes who shared our isolated block
Givin em hell for condemning you on the only thing you’ve got
Thank you Lucy for showing me what it means to LOVE <3